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If you want to learn English in Malta, INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta offers a wide range of courses that cover students’ needs. We run three separate operations with a centre for ADULT students (18+) in St. Julian’s and an all-inclusive YOUNG LEARNERS programme at Paradise Bay, Malta. In GOZO we offer the possibility to live and learn with your teacher.

We welcome students from the four corners of the world and our small operation allows us to make each student feel unique. Amongst other services INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta offers:

  • A free first day pick-up service and a free 30-minute tutorial at our Malta ADULTS Centre
  • 2 activities per day at our Young Learners centre programme. This allows our younger students to learn English in Malta in a vibrant way
  • Our Teacher Homestay operation in Gozo features the possibility of having lessons when you want
  • The three operations allow our students to learn English in Malta with like-minded students

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As a member of both INTERNATIONAL HOUSE WORLD ORGANISATION (60 years of teaching) and FELTOM our clients are guaranteed services of the highest quality. Our teachers are certified to internationally-recognized qualifications, and we ensure they teach to the highest standards.

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE JuniorsKOOL (10 – 13 yrs) & TeensKOOL (14 – 16 yrs), Residential Programme, Malta

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta-Gozo also offers a Young Learners Centre for Juniors (10-13 yrs) and Teens (14-16 yrs); students who also want to learn English in Malta. This centre offers all-inclusive residential packages in a resort hotel, featuring INTERNATIONAL HOUSE standard teaching in a safe and secure environment. It is also located far from any distractions, so students can learn English in peace and quiet. The centre is located in one of the most picturesque spots in Malta. Combined with a full leisure programme, this ensures that our young students are able to learn English in Malta and have fun.

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE St. Julian’s school, Malta (18+)

Our ADULTS Centre is only a 5 minutes’ walk from St. Julian’s (Paceville) centre, Malta’s premier entertainment area. We offer a number of accommodation options within walking distance of the school. At INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, we understand that students look for an experience that reaches beyond the classroom. For this reason, we also organise airport transfers and leisure activities, enabling the student to learn English in Malta the fun way.


Our Gozo operation is ideal for executives and families who want to learn English far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In Gozo, we offer homestay tuition, utilising a number of teachers and accommodation scattered across the island. This is ideal for students who want to experience the beauty of Gozo at their own pace, with lessons that are suitably flexible. In addition students can choose other types of accommodation and have the teacher come to them. We offer all our courses and related services with our signature efficiency and customer-first approach. With INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, you don’t only take part in English Lessons, you make memories. So learn English in Malta (in style) with INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta-Gozo!

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I first here in Malta and I really like it very much.  Nice people, amazing nature, tradition.  Here, it’s like you’re in paradise… In Malta also going to learn English – There is a brand for the island, because there are many young people from around the world.  I’m lucky I’m studying in International House Malta.  Here is good, friendly staff, experienced teachers and a warm atmosphere that makes you feel as at home.

- Tetyana Karpa | 26yrs | Ukraine| Intermediate

“The international House” is a school very familiar, helpful. The teacher, Lorenzo, is competent and for me was very great weeks because I improve my english with him. The owner of the host family was nice and I spoke english a lot with her. The same with a students, I known different cultures and points of view.

- Lucia Isolan | 24yrs | Italy| Pre-Intermediate

I have met people from all over the world and I like to discover the differences between our cultures

- Paola Secco | 32 yrs | Italian | Intermediate

The reception desk was extremely helpful with arranging my stay at a very short notice. Although my teacher was really demanding and I felt a bit exhausted after classes I can feel my language abilities have improved significantly.

- Robert Blicharski | 44 yrs | Poland| Advanced

A good experience which allows me to break down my barriers and no longer be afraid to speak in English.

- Cecile Robert | 32 yrs | French| Intermediate

My English course was very interesting and helpful, my teacher was outstanding. Malta is such a nice country and people are very open and friendly. The school is wonderful and my English got so much batter in the last few weeks. I would highly recommend the school to everyone.

- Luca Serafini | 21 yrs | Scicily | Advanced

The School is in a convenient location, Cosy rooms, pleasant management, Competent teaching. The accommodation is situated in a quiet and calm area, not far from school. Nice family, comfortable bedroom and bathroom.  There are a good number of students from various countries around the world.  It is interesting to talk to people who came from another part of the globe. I found it a very useful experience. Malta is one of the most unbelievably beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. Simply amazing, especially museums and old cities, which are full of medieval and early modern architecture and artefacts.

- Igor Bordiuzha | 27yrs | Ukriane | Upper Intermediate

It was the best experience since the first day, when I arrived in the airport; each good moment even bad have just become beautiful memories. Great people in the school really helpful, friends unforgettable and Malta is new part of my heart. Nothing bad to say I’m Venezuelan and we like to find the positive things in each situation.

- Adriana M. Moncada | 21yrs | Venezuela | Upper Intermediate

I`m enjoying studying at international house, because the people are very friendly and helpful, the receptionists do a good job. My teacher Rashella is calm and explains very well, I like her because she encourages us to speak all the time. For me, Malta is a good country, very beautiful places, wonderful beaches, overall ‎for me it was a good experience.

- Marcella Vallim | 25yrs | Brazilian | Elementary

One month in Malta and it is like living a dream. In this small Mediterranean Island I found many interesting places to visit. I was in Comino, with my friends and it was great to swim, watch fish and jump from the cliffs.

Also the school is right, I have to learn many things but I am here to improve my English and my skills.

- Bruno Curto | 27 yrs | Italian | Pre-Intermediate