IH Malta-Gozo

If you want to learn English in Malta, INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta-Gozo offers a wide range of courses that cover students’ needs. We run three separate operations with a centre for ADULT students (18+) in St. Julian’s and an all-inclusive YOUNG LEARNERS programme at Paradise Bay, Malta. In GOZO we offer the possibility to live and learn with your teacher.

We welcome students from the four corners of the world and our small operation allows us to make each student feel unique. Amongst other services INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta-Gozo offers:

  • A free first day pick-up service and a free 30-minute tutorial at our Malta ADULTS Centre
  • 2 activities per day at our Young Learners centre programme. This allows our younger students to learn English in Malta in a vibrant way
  • Our Teacher Homestay operation in Gozo features the possibility of having lessons when you want
  • The three operations allow our students to learn English in Malta with like-minded students

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As a member of both INTERNATIONAL HOUSE WORLD ORGANISATION (60 years of teaching) and FELTOM our clients are guaranteed services of the highest quality. Our teachers are certified to internationally-recognized qualifications, and we ensure they teach to the highest standards.

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE JuniorsKOOL (10 – 13 yrs) & TeensKOOL (14 – 16 yrs), Residential Programme, Malta

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta-Gozo also offers a Young Learners Centre for Juniors (10-13 yrs) and Teens (14-16 yrs); students who also want to learn English in Malta. This centre offers all-inclusive residential packages in a resort hotel, featuring INTERNATIONAL HOUSE standard teaching in a safe and secure environment. It is also located far from any distractions, so students can learn English in peace and quiet. The centre is located in one of the most picturesque spots in Malta. Combined with a full leisure programme, this ensures that our young students are able to learn English in Malta and have fun.

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE St. Julian’s school, Malta (18+)

Our ADULTS Centre is only a 5 minutes’ walk from St. Julian’s (Paceville) centre, Malta’s premier entertainment area. We offer a number of accommodation options within walking distance of the school. At INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, we understand that students look for an experience that reaches beyond the classroom. For this reason, we also organise airport transfers and leisure activities, enabling the student to learn English in Malta the fun way.


Our Gozo operation is ideal for executives and families who want to learn English far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In Gozo, we offer homestay tuition, utilising a number of teachers and accommodation scattered across the island. This is ideal for students who want to experience the beauty of Gozo at their own pace, with lessons that are suitably flexible. In addition students can choose other types of accommodation and have the teacher come to them. We offer all our courses and related services with our signature efficiency and customer-first approach. With INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, you don’t only take part in English Lessons, you make memories. So learn English in Malta (in style) with INTERNATIONAL HOUSE Malta-Gozo!

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News and Events

A Night at The Theatre - October 30, 2014

The PBS Orchestra brings you a Night at the Theatre.

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Sound Salon: Halloween Special 2014 -

Sound Salon is back for one night only: The Halloween...
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I received a lot of attention and I am very satisfied with the results. I am also very satisfied with the attention I received from everyone at International House Malta throughout my stay. From the academic staff to the administration staff through to my excellent host family whom I would recommend to all prospective students.

- Fausto Benu | Italy | (Intermediate)

I am very happy I visited Malta again and I like this school because they have the best teachers.  IH school is like a big family. I had a lovely time again and I would like to recommend International House Malta as a school for everyone.

- Inga Zhelnovo | Russia | (Intermediate)

I decided to book the one to one course at International House Malta after a long selection. I looked for information about Maltese Schools on the Internet and I decided International House could be good for me because it has a good website. The course exceeded my expectations and I had 2 kind and well prepared teachers. Studying a foreign language has never been so easy before. Malta is wonderful. Monuments, cities, beaches, everything is very interesting. I like Maltese people and I liked the possibility to meet people from around the world while you are in Malta to study or on holiday. I’ll be back soon.

- MarcoFontana | Italy | (Upper-Intermediate)

I was in IH school for only two weeks, but it was really nice. The school I so friendly, the staff helps us with everything we need, if I come to back Malta, I’m sure I will come back to study at IH.

In my class we had a Smartboard, it made the lessons more interesting and dynamic. We had a good number of students in class, not too many, it allowed us to improve our level quicker.

In conclusion, I feel really happy with my experience. Thanks for all.

- Romina Moya Lopez | 37 yrs | Spanish | Upper Intermediate

My name is EMEL KARATAS.I am from TURKEY.I am happy in MALTA.I have a lot friends here. My school is very friendly and the staff are kind. Malta has a lot of perfect bays, beaches and historical places to visit. I have never seen before such lovely shades of blue in the sea. I am lucky because I have a very friendly flat mate. Thanks for everything.

I hope to see you here again.

- Emel Karatas | 32 yrs | Turkish | Pre-Intermediate

In my first time in Malta, I found it very good. The school is serious and the lessons are interesting. The apartment is very comfortable and the students are friendly. I like Malta because the people are educated and polite. My teacher is very good. The weather is very good. I walk every day past the sea and I like smell  :)


- Luca Baldereschi| Age 22 |Spanish | Pre-Intermediate

In our opinion the experience at the school has been great.

We made good friends and new people from all over the world, with different cultures, and it was a good experience of life.

Malta an Island, very small but with many beautiful and interesting places, for example: Blue Lagoon, Paradise Bay, Museums, Comino, Gozo, etc.

The accommodation, it is good.

Our experience in Malta was AWESOME :) !!

- Ana Pereira Martins and Rui Alexandre| Portuguese | Pre-Intermediate

I like Malta because you have a lot of opportunities (activity, visit, etc). I was in Malta for 5 months and it was a great experience. People from Malta are really good! IH Malta is a good school for me. I meet a lot of people from different cultures. The teachers are great and the lessons are attractive. The receptionist is perfect when you have some problem. I recommend this school!        9/10/2014


- Ismael Haldimann | 20yrs | Switzerland | Intermediate

I’m very comfortable with the school. Teachers, classmates, personal attention and flat services are good. They work very professionally and humanely. Believe me all students are in agreement with my opinion, I’m sure of that. When I came here I didn’t know anything in English, so people all the time were helping me. And now, I can make laugh other people speaking English. I feel confident, and I want to live more experiences with the knowledge that I got here. Here, we are like a family, come and check it!

- Emilia Moretti | 20 yrs | Italian | Intermediate

…a very good teacher, she is very organised and cares about us.

- Marina Moraes Gonçalves | 24 yrs | Brazilian | Upper Intermediate